Top Gun 2-Movie Collection VUDU HD or iTunes 4K

This bundle includes both movies from the Top Gun franchise:

  • Top Gun 

  • Top Gun: Maverick

You will receive 2 codes - 1 for each movie. Redeem each one separately at Select VUDU HD or iTunes 4K from the menu. These movies will NOT transfer to Movies Anywhere (RATED PG-13)

TOP GUN (1986): As students at the United States Navy's elite fighter weapons school compete to be best in the class, one daring young pilot learns a few things from a civilian instructor that are not taught in the classroom.

Director: Tony Scott
Writers: Jim Cash, Jack Epps Jr. 
Cast: Tom Cruise, Tim Robbins, Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, Tom Skerritt
TOP GUN - MAVERICK (2022): After thirty years, Maverick is still pushing the envelope as a top naval aviator but must confront ghosts of his past when he leads TOP GUN's elite graduates on a mission that demands the ultimate sacrifice from those chosen to fly it.

Category: Action, Air Force, Bundles, Drama, War

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