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How does this work?


How do I get my codes?

Codes are delivered automatically to your email.  If you don't receive your codes immediately please double check the email address that was entered when purchasing, many times this email address is invalid and the codes will not arrive.  If this happens to you feel free to email us or chat with us.

Codes are usually delivered very quickly if for some reason you haven't received your code within 30 Minutes please reach out to us at 

How it works...

We sell digital codes that come with Blu-rays, DVDs and 4K Blu-rays.  These are legitimate codes that have been removed from a blu ray.  It's easy as buying a movie from our store, then you receive a code that you can use to redeem the movie and add it to your digital collection. Our codes work in iTunes, Vudu, Flixster and

How do I get Disney Movies into Vudu?

Disney movies will transfer from one service to other services connected to  So if you redeem a movie at Google Play (or iTunes) it will transfer to DMA and to Vudu if your accounts are linked.

Heres how to link your accounts

How to Link your Google Play Account to Disney Movies Anywhere:
1. Login in to
2. Click the Gear on the top right.
3. Click Account.
4. Select Google Play and type in your information.
5. Make sure VUDU is linked to DMA.
6. Now your movies will transfer.


Where do I redeem my codes?

This depends on what kind of code you purchased.  This file is attached to every shipment of codes.

Where's my DMR Points

Most of our Disney movies are split codes therefore you will not receive any DMR points upon redemption for Google Play or iTunes Redemptions. If the product specifically says DMA then you will receive the allotted DMR points.



By purchasing from HDMOVIECODES.COM you agree and accept the following terms and conditions.

1.  If you have any problems redeeming your codes you will first make an effort to reach out to us at before filing any disputes with paypal.  We will make every effort to ensure you receive what you paid for.

2. If you are purchasing an early release pre-order you understand that early release pre-orders are subject to delays if UPS or the studio does not deliver on time to our suppliers.  Therefore early release delivery dates are subject to change, we do our best to always deliver them as soon as we get them, which is almost never more than 2 days after indicated on the product page.

3. If you are purchasing an early release pre-order you also accept and understand that the code may or may not be redeemable and or watchable on the day that it is delivered.  We are not affiliated with Ultraviolet or iTunes we do not control when they allow codes to redeem we simply purchase the codes and resell them to you.  You therefore assume the risk that a code may not yet redeem when you receive it.  We do guarantee that it will redeem by the blu-ray release date.  We will not issue refunds for early release pre-orders that are not yet redeeming after we have shipped you the code.

4.  You are responsible for the health of your own iTunes, Ultraviolet or Disney accounts. HDMOVIECODES.COM is not liable for any problems or issues that may arise with any one of these accounts because of redeeming one of our codes.  By purchasing with us you assume all risk and responsibility for the health of your individual accounts.  We do not recommend that you call support with any one of those services and telling them that you purchased a code online as it may violate their Terms of Service.