The Sugarland Express VUDU HD or iTunes HD via MA

A woman attempts to reunite her family by helping her husband escape prison and together kidnapping their son. But things don't go as planned when they are forced to take a police hostage on the road.

Only Redeems at Movies Anywhere (RATED TV-PG, PG)

Director: Steven Spielberg
Writers: Hal Barwood, Matthew Robbins, Steven Spielberg
Cast: Goldie Hawn, Ben Johnson, Michael Sacks, William Atherton, Gregory Walcott, Steve Kanaly, Louise Latham, Harrison Zanuck, A.L. Camp, Jessie Lee Fulton, Dean Smith, Ted Grossman, Bill Thurman, Ken Hudgins, Buster Daniels, James N. Harrell, Frank Steggall, Roger Ernest, Guich Koock, Merrill Connally

Category: Crime, Drama, MA

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