Kung Fu Panda VUDU 4K or iTunes 4K via MA

To everyone's surprise, including his own, Po, an overweight, clumsy panda, is chosen as protector of the Valley of Peace. His suitability will soon be tested as the valley's arch-enemy is on his way.

Only Redeems at Movies Anywhere (RATED TV-PG, PG)

Director: Mark Osborne, John Stevenson
Writers: Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Berger, Ethan Reiff, Cyrus Voris, Chris Poche
Cast: Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Ian McShane, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu, David Cross, Randall Duk Kim, James Hong, Dan Fogler, Michael Clarke Duncan, Wayne Knight

Category: Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, MA

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