The Frozen Ground VUDU HD

An Alaskan police detective pursues an elusive serial killer who abducts women and frees them in the wilderness to hunt. The madman has been on the loose in Anchorage for over 13 years. Every attempt to capture him has only led to frustration for the local police, but Sgt. Jack Halcombe is certain he can succeed where his colleagues have failed. Later, Sgt. Halcombe gets the break of a lifetime when terrified teen Cindy Paulson manages to beat the killer at his own game. Cindy's struggle, however, has just begun. Now the closer she and Sgt. Halcombe comes to cracking the case, the more cunning their sadistic target seems to grow!

Cast: Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, Vanessa Hudgens


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Category: Action, Oscars

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