Blood for Dust VUDU 4K

Cliff, a traveling salesman drowning under the weight of providing for his family, finds himself on a dangerous path after a chance encounter with Ricky, a colleague from a dark past. Desperate to keep his fragile home life intact, Cliff agrees to partner with Ricky running cocaine across Montana and finds himself embroiled in a struggle to get away clean, in a business where no one does.

Redeem at Paramount (RATED R)

Director: Rod Blackhurst
Writers: David Ebeltoft, Rod Blackhurst, David Ebeltoft
Cast: Scoot McNairy, Kit Harington, Josh Lucas, Ethan Suplee, Nora Zehetner, Amber Rose Mason, Stephen Dorff, Chris Mullinax, Travis W Bruyer, Russ Tiller

Category: Action, Crime, Thriller

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