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Michael Donovan is a player who beds almost every woman he meets -- until the woman of his dreams, Katherine, comes into his life. But even after he and Katherine marry, Michael still finds it difficult to remain faithful.

Only Redeems at Movies Anywhere (RATED R)

Director: Bruce Paltrow
Writers: Robert De Laurentiis
Cast: Tim Matheson, Kate Capshaw, Edward Herrmann, John Glover, Joan Copeland, Susanna Dalton, Wendie Malick, Wallace Shawn, Betsy Aidem, Sharon Bamber, Tanya Berezin, Michael Bias, Kim von Brandenstein, Barbara Bratt, Christy Brown, Robert Burr, Leigh Curran, Lisa Dunsheath, Frankie Faison, Sarah Felcher

Category: Comedy, MA, Romance

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