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Doctor Strange 2016 Pre-order

Select your delivery date & Format Below

You can select early release or release day.


Early release codes will be sent as soon as the DMA code is redeemable at redeemdigitalmovie.com usually this is 4-7 Days before the release day.  So estimated delivery is Feb 21-24th. 

If you choose release day your code will be sent Tuesday Feb, 28th in the evening.

These pre-order are subject to cancellation if the movie codes do not work at redeemdigitalmovie.com or if the google play version does not port to DMA. In this case you'll be refunded completely.

No Disney Points will be included.

Google Play HD version will redeem at play.google.com it will transfer to DMA, Vudu & iTunes

iTunes HD Version will redeem in iTunes and will transfer to DMA, Vudu and Google Play

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