Urge Vudu HD

Bent on having fun, a group of friends decides to take a vacation in a sun-kissed island, intent on spending an entire weekend of partying and drinking. There, excited about the long night of debauchery ahead of them at the local club, Volcano, the friends have a chance encounter with the nightclub's mysterious owner, who introduces them to the delights of an entirely different drug: the Urge. However, before long, as the ecstatic holidaymakers shed their inhibitions, the dream turns into a deadly nightmare, transforming the idyllic tropical retreat into a bloody playground.

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Director: Aaron Kaufman
Writers: Guy Busick, Aaron Kaufman, Jerry Stahl, Jason Zumwalt
Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Justin Chatwin, Danny Masterson, Ashley Greene, Nick Thune, Alexis Knapp, Chris Geere, Bar Paly, Kea Ho, Alison Lohman, Jagger Davide Fishman-Salguero, Eric Davis, Jeff Fahey, Kevin Corrigan, Nader Kheirbek, Nicole Lambusta, Jason Christopher, Olga Merediz, Eloise DeJoria, Gerald Bunsen

Category: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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