Universal Studios Movie Pick 1 *READ FULL DESCRIPTION

You will receive a code that will allow you to redeem one of the following 6 movies: 

  • This is 40 (Theatrical Edition)

  • This is 40 (Unrated Edition)

  • Miami Vice (Theatrical Edition) 

  • Miami Vice (Unrated Director's Edition)

  • Apollo 13

  • Jane Eyre

  • Alpha Dog

To redeem this code, you must have (or create) a Universal All-Access Rewards account at MyUniversalRewards.com. Once your account is set up and/or you have logged in, you can click "SUBMIT CODE" under "Validate Purchase." Doing so will add 1,000 Reward Points to your account - which will give you enough to then redeem the movie of your choice from the Rewards menu.

If your MA account is not linked to Universal, then you will receive an email with the Movies Anywhere code inside. Use that code to redeem the movie at Movies Anywhere. 

*** PLEASE NOTE*** The Universal Redemption Center has been changed. You can only enter 2 CODES OF THE SAME TITLE into your account. This option allows you to stockpile your rewards points to use for future rewards. Keep in mind that Universal rotates the movie line-up periodically, so please redeem the code ASAP. 

Category: Comedy, Drama, MA

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