Batman The Long Halloween Deluxe Edition VUDU HD or iTunes HD via MA

Held hostage by two warring crime families, Gotham City is rife with crime and corruption. Adding to the chaos is the mysterious Holiday killer, who has been targeting the underworld and leaving a trail of terror...and body bags. As Batman, James Gordon and Harvey Dent race to solve a deadly puzzle with ever-increasing stakes, a breach at Arkham Asylum draws Poison Ivy, Scarecrow and Mad Hatter into the game. Based on the critically acclaimed graphic novel, this Deluxe Edition of Batman: The Long Halloween seamlessly combines both feature-length parts into one epic saga!

Redeem at Movies Anywhere (RATED R)

Director: Chris Palmer

Writers: Tim Sheridan, Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale

Cast: Jensen Ackles, Laila Berzins, Frances Callier, Zach Callison,Greg Chun,Robin Atkin Downes, Alastair Duncan, Dan Matteucci,Julie Nathanson, Jim Pirri, Jack Quaid, Katee Sackhoff, Fred Tatasciore

Category: Action, Bundles, Crime, DC, Drama, MA, Superhero

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