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Pinocchio Queen of Katwe Lilo Fox & The Hound Pre-order

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This is a Pre-order PLEASE READ BELOW!

Disney will release the following on January 31st.

1. Pinnochio
2. Queen of Katwe
3. Lilo & Stitch 1
4. Lilo & Stitch 2
5. Fox & the Hound 1
6. Fox & the Hound 2

We are offering various bundle packages and varied delivery times.  Please make sure you've selected the proper format and noted what date you will receive it.

Because Lilo & Stitch and Fox and the Hound are both combos of 2 movies we are not yet sure how disney will release the codes.  We don't know if they will provide one code for both movies or 2 codes for both movies.  We do not know if google play will port successfully for both movies or how exactly it will all work.  This means ALL ORDERS ARE SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION if the codes don't work as expected.  We will test them all before sending any of them and make sure everything is working.  Both iTunes purchases and Google Play purchases are subject to cancellation if there is any unforeseen problems.  You will be fully refunded in this case.


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